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Electric supply by Kyushu electric company is very tight these days, following the rise of anti-nuke movement and Fukushima`s incident. Please save energy.

A complex of an Information center of Nakasu and a Girls Bar. Feel free to visit.

Image what you want to do in Nakasu with watching these special movies (Japanese AV), if you are older than 20. The movies are randomly picked up from "FC2" site.

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nakasu girl Nakasu is one of the largest (or most famous) red-light districts in Japan, located between Tenjin and Hakata. There are roughly 4000 sex-oriented shops and 30000 workers there.

The nearest station is Nakasu-kawabata subway station. A main street called "Nakasu O-dori" runs through the district from the intersection right above the subway station to the Kokutai road junction (Nakasu 1 cho-me junction). You can easily get to know if you are in Nakasu or not, thanks to thousands of brightly shining neons and crowded surroundings.

Anyway, at first, you should get a typical image of shops and price-ranges in Nakasu. Familiar shops such as "Ling Pub"(short word for lingerie pub), "Lounge", "Caba"(short word for cabaret) and "Snack" are like shown below.
Ling Pub (Lingerie Pub)Lounge
As the name shows, you can have a chat with girls wearing only lingerie (or half-naked) in a one-to-one situation. If it is over crowded, you may not have a one-to-one chat. You can drink as much as you like within the basic charge (around 6000 Yen per hour), but drinks for girls would be optional (around 1000 Yen per glass). "Oppabu" is the ordinary alias name. It is a kind of talking place in a luxurious atmosphere. You can keep a girl as long as you stay. Girls in the Lounge are cool and elegant, in addition, a few girls may accept English speaking. A charge is not cheap (around 10000 Yen per hour), but you will not have a boring time there. Because, these girls are very keen to learn about the news, social matters and so on.
Caba (Cabaret)Snack
A cheap styled Lounges are called "Caba" or "Caba-kura" (cabaret-club). So, you can chat gaily with girls. Differences between Lounge and Caba are the price and atmosphere. The cheapest ones charge only around 3000 Yen (per hour) in early hours, so young guys rush to the shop, then it is filled with many laughs and cheers everyday. The most familiar style of night girls bar in Japan is Snack. Most of shops have the "KARAOKE" machines then you can enjoy singing songs you like. (And you have to listen to the others...) Their charges are flexibly changed by the time, by the shop, by any matters.There are too much kinds of shops to describe them enough, and I can just tell you "Try!".


Dolce    Phone : +81-92-281-8133  Addr : 5F Little-Nakasu bldg., 2-7-3 Nakasu

A comfortable Caba place with a few English-speaking acceptable girls. Almost all girls are in their early 20s. The basic charge range is around 7000 Yen per hour. (8PM-9PM : 4000 Yen/H ... after 10PM : 6000 Yen/H + girls drink fee) This shop is totally very companionable. Floor boys (waiters) are also so friendly.

Marine Club    Phone : +81-92-282-1057  Addr : 5F Sanshin bldg., 3-5-6 Nakasu

A Ling pub place with a reasonable price and well-mannered girls. All girls there can not understand English well, but you can enjoy the feeling and the taste of Nakasu here. A set period lasts 40 mins, and you have a "lights-out time" once in a period, then you can fondle the bust of a girl you are sharing the time with.

Mem-Bar    Phone : +81-92-291-3455  Addr : 2F Espace-Nakasu bldg., 4-1-30 Nakasu

This place is one of the the most uproarious Snacks in Nakasu. You can enjoy singing a KARAOKE song 10 times for 800 Yen (a basic charge of 3500 Yen is also required; not a time charge). It is a tiny shop, but it holds just about 4 or 5 girls everyday. If you love singing and girls, you should visit here.



See also detailed information on "Google maps". access_to_nakasu


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Make a call them in case you need. In a emergency situation, dial 110 (for the police) or 119 (for fire incidents and health troubles).

Nakasu upper police box (Nakasu area)
Hakata police station (Hakata area)
Chuo police station (Tenjin area)

Since 2003, You can not smoke on the roadside and inside of public buildings (City office, Schools, Halls and so on) in Fukuoka city. If you break this prohibition, you will be claimed a fine under the local regulation called "Jow-ley".

 Q : Can I see the YAKUZA in Nakasu?
 A : Yes, but do not touch them.

 Q : How can I find a good place?
 A : Ask guys in black suit on the street.

 Q : How much should I pay after all?
 A : Ask your VISA cards.

 Q : How can I find a English-ready place?
 A : Few black suit men speak English. Ask them.

 Q : I have lost the way!
 A : Walk 80m as you like, and you will get a taxi.

     ... I hope your success!

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